Choice to Stop Carrying Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Meanwhile, Loop’s zero-waste product delivery service soon will roll out across the U.S. 

April 24, 2020

DENVER—During the coronavirus pandemic, the question of how to provide options to further sustainability goals while safeguarding the health of consumers and employees has been on the minds of many retailers. Choice Market and Loop have found two ways to provide both.

By 2021, Choice Market will no longer stock single-use plastic water bottles in its stores, Packaging Gateway reports. The Denver-based retailer is partnering with FloWater to have its advanced purification refill stations at all of its stores. FloWater offers “no contact” dispensing nozzles. The convenience store, which will open three more locations this year, also sells FloWater’s aluminum multi-use water bottles.

“Single-serve plastic water bottles are one of the leading items sold in our industry and yet most of these bottles end up in the landfill or the ocean,” said Choice Market founder and CEO Mike Fogarty. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with FloWater to provide our customers with its convenient, great tasting water solution while also reducing our plastic footprint.”

Also, Loop, which partners with brands on subscriptions to everyday products in reusable packaging, will expand delivery to the contiguous states in a few months, Fast Company reports. The platform ships products like ice cream in metal containers that consumers send back for reuse.

Loop has registered record sales the past two months because of the coronavirus pandemic. “We’re in a waste crisis,” said Tom Szaky, Loop’s CEO. “That’s only worse because of COVID[-19]. … We’re learning that consumers are comfortable with reuse during COVID[-19], which is very important.. … In Loop, it’s a professional reuse system, which has all of those three things in a very, very big way.”

The company now has about 200 products from major brands designed for reuse either through the product’s packaging or the product itself. Retail partners Walgreens and Kroger will be offering Loop products in stores later in 2020.