Equity Fund Forms 5th Largest C-Store Wholesaler

National Convenience Distributors to be Northeast’s largest distributor.

April 02, 2020

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—Palm Beach Capital Fund III L.P. is merging J. Polep Distribution Services, Harold Levinson Associates LLC and Allen Brothers Wholesale Distributors to create the fifth-largest wholesale distributor for the c-store industry, reports Candyusa.com.

The new organization will be known as the National Convenience Distributors, LLC (NCD), which will be the Northeast region’s largest full-line c-store distributor, the equity fund reports.

The new entity will bring internal and external benefits to its three divisions, including enhanced customer experiences, integration of centralized operating systems, increased marketing power, go-to-market efficiencies and synergistic and collaborative programs.

“Palm Beach Capital has created something truly special with National Convenience Distributors,” said Ed Berro, president of the Harold Levinson Associates Division. “The three divisions complement each other exceptionally well, and together we are a much stronger organization. I look forward to future additions to our NCD team.”