NACS Opens Last-Mile Survey

The resulting study will delve into the evolution of the final leg of delivery in the convenience channel.

April 15, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—In today’s increasingly digital world, the demand for ease of access to the products and services shoppers seek is increasingly measured by the time it takes to connect with consumers. Enter the new era of “anytime, anyplace convenience.”

With increased time pressures and expectations for same-day, next-day and one- or two-hour delivery windows, coupled with expanded locker, curbside and drive-thru fulfillment options, the final leg of delivery has created an increasingly cluttered landscape with multiple solutions.

To better understand the pressure that “anytime, anyplace convenience” is putting on retailers to find last-mile fulfillment solutions to close the gap of time, and to measure the role of those solutions in the convenience and fuel retailing industry, NACS will field a new survey beginning today.

The resulting white paper, which will be published this fall, will detail the evolution of last-mile fulfillment in the convenience channel. This landmark study will provide important insights on the ways in which retailers can win trips, grow baskets and reinforce leadership in today’s evolving marketplace through last-mile fulfillment solutions.

Last Mile Defined

Last-mile fulfillment services are defined as order fulfillment processes that deliver products from a warehouse or fulfillment center (often a specific store location) to a final delivery destination. In the context of the convenience retail, last-mile fulfillment includes product delivery fulfillment that can be from another retailer to a designated pickup location on/within a convenience retailer’s store, orders placed via mobile or at the pump and delivered in-store, curbside or to another location.

Survey Methods and White Paper

Is your store currently participating in last-mile delivery, have you been thinking about it but haven’t implemented anything yet, or have you already decided last mile isn’t a critical part of your business model? If so, we want to hear from you. Click here to take the Last Mile Survey now.

We’ll address the following methods for last-mile fulfillment in this survey:

  • Mobile (app or call-in) order for in-store pickup
  • Mobile order for curbside pickup
  • Mobile order for drive-thru pickup
  • Mobile order for delivery to an alternate location (e.g., home, office, etc.)
  • Order at the pump for in-store pickup
  • Order at the pump for delivery to car
  • Third-party lockers of own or other retailer merchandise (e.g., Amazon, UPS, etc.)
  • Website order

The survey will enable us to define the current landscape, key motivators and impediments to offering solutions, as well as quantify the key metrics and benchmarks that will facilitate long-term measurement of the state of last-mile fulfillment solutions in convenience retail for future reporting and analysis.

As a thank you, once you complete the survey, you will be automatically enrolled to receive a copy of the survey results that will be published as part of a white paper available later this year (anticipated fall 2020). A member of the NACS Research team will contact you in the near future with an exact distribution date.

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