Cultured Meat Producers Form Coalition

Goal is to bring lab-grown meat to the marketplace.

September 05, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Plant-based meat manufacturers are generating tremendous publicity that’s driving consumers to try their offerings. Now five innovative food companies have joined forces to bring cell-based (lab-grown) meat, poultry and seafood to the public, reports Food Ingredients First.

The five companies have formed the Alliance for Meat, Poultry & Seafood Innovation (AMPS Innovation) to educate consumers and stakeholders about their new industry and to work closely with governments to establish a regulatory framework for the burgeoning industry.

AMPS Innovation’s founding members are BlueNalu and Finless Foods, producers of cell-based seafood; Fork & Goode and JUST, makers of cultured meat and poultry; and Memphis Meats, which specializes in lab-grown beef, poultry and seafood.

Unlike plant-based meat, such as Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, lab-grown meat, poultry and seafood is real meat that’s grown outside the animal, directly from animal cells. It is not a vegan nor vegetarian meat alternative. Recent research indicates that decreased farmed meat consumption could dramatically reduce and slow climate change. With lab-grown meat, the production of only the animal muscle, fat, skin and connective tissue that is typically eaten can be achieved, without producing other parts of the animal that are not regularly consumed.

All five member companies are currently in the R&D phase, but they expect to make products available through appropriate regulatory pathways in the next several years. AMPS Innovation aims to provide a central, unified resource, providing clear and transparent information for consumers, stakeholders and policymakers as their industry advances. In coming months, AMPS Innovation intends to engage policymakers, stakeholders, Congress and government agencies to educate them on the potential new products.