South Korean Retailer Develops Cashier-Less Grocery Store

Modeled after Amazon Go, the new cashier-less pilot store will open in South Korea this month.

September 23, 2019

GIMPO, Gyeonggi—Inside Retail Asia reports that South Korean retailer Shinsegae is developing a cashier-less grocery story—a concept similar to Amazon Go.

Emart24, the brand’s first automated store, will open later this month as a pilot in Gimpo in Gyeonggi Province. The model will continue to evolve before being launched in a more high-profile location.

Through artificial intelligence, computer vision and cloud point-of-sale systems, shoppers can select products from shelves and walk out the door as the cost is deducted from their pre-registered payment choice. Inside Retail Asia says that “entry is granted by a QR code that appears on the customer’s smartphone and items will be automatically added to a virtual cart as they shop. About 30 cameras inside the store will monitor what items customers take from shelves—and those they put back.”

“The store will be a ground-breaking test bed where we apply and test various advanced technologies,” Kim Jang-wook, CEO of Shinsegae I&C, told The Korea Times. “We plan to operate a store where customers can experience retail technology and enjoy real shopping.”