Latest Trends in Natural and Organic Products

Here are the latest innovations in food, as seen at the Natural Products Expo East conference.

September 16, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—What do shoppers want? More options with less sugar, alcohol, meat, dairy and carbs. So the natural and organic market is responding with grain-free waffles, craft mocktails and non-dairy yogurt.

The Natural Products Expo East took place in Baltimore and had some big takeaways, as reported by Food Business News.

“The natural and organic industry continues to find innovative and delicious ways to get sugar, sodium and some of the other bad guys out of our products while creating options that truly support health and vitality in specialized ways,” said Carlotta Mast, senior vice president of content and market leader at New Hope Network, which produces the Natural Products Expos.

Here are a few of the most notable trending consumer desires and the natural products that are being made to satisfy them:

Sugar-Free Please: One big trend continues with products catered to keto and paleo diets, which offer low-sugar offerings that have healthy fats and fiber. Keto-friendly ice cream and hummus are hitting shelves, as are teas without sweetener.

A New Take on Fermentation: You thought kombucha was all the rage? Now entering the market is kefir, another fermented beverage that is rich in electrolytes, probiotics and enzymes. A few companies like Mamas, LLC and Good Wolf Feeding Co. are producing kefir soda in fun flavor combinations like watermelon mint tulsi and coconut lime.

No Alcohol, Please: A growing number of adults are eliminating alcohol from their diets, but they still want the taste or idea of a craft beer and cocktail. So, companies are focusing on mocktails or alcohol-free beverages. Bar None, a brand from Coca-Cola, produces “libation-inspired” beverages that taste like a spiced ginger mule or sangria.

What else is out there? Grain-free everything and CBD products, as well as premium frozen food offerings.

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