Two-Days of In-Depth Transformative Learning

The Conexxus Strategy Conference focused on new global ideas, experiences and relationships.

September 13, 2019

TORONTO—This year’s Conexxus Strategy Conference, held August 11–15 in Toronto, broke attendance records with a total of 55 attendees and delivered two solid days of in-depth thinking on transformational technologies that will change retail, indeed all of society.

The slate of speakers talked of the need to abandon consumer age segmentation and focus on individual preferences, and how machine learning can accomplish that through tireless analysis of transaction data. Attendees learned how blockchain will fundamentally change order to cash operations, and how digital IDs are possible today, assisting our industry in achieving zero underage sales, as indicated by JUUL Labs’s in its presentation. Intel’s presentation brought order to the Wild West of the “internet of things,” and mapped out a logical timeline of standards that support our API strategy. In all, an essential foundation for our strategy discussions.

During the final two days of the conference, attendees presented thoughtful ideas to help Conexxus refine its strategy to best serve its membership and the convenience and fuel retail industry. As a member-owned and operated organization, Conexxus will use the strategic discussions as a springboard to apply resources to a balance of short and long-term needs. 

Conexxus especially thanks Bulloch Technologies for sponsoring and hosting the Strategy Conference, along with their partners P97 and MotionPay.

Dave de la Plante, Bulloch Technologies, said of the conference and Bulloch’s sponsorship: “It has been a great privilege for Bulloch to host the Conexxus Strategy Conference in Toronto, and the first time the conference has been held outside of the U.S. Our goal was to create an event that was ‘new’ for the members: new global thinking, new customer experiences and new found relationships.”

Keynote speaker Tony Chapman and his team opened attendees’ eyes and minds to the accelerating impact of disruption being experienced across the entire world. Facebook has emerged as the world’s third largest ‘nation’ behind China and India. All three of these ‘nations’ are world leaders in driving change, simply because they had no traditional social, technological and financial infrastructures in place.  As a result, like Amazon and Apple, they put the consumer/customer at the center and built the infrastructure around them. 

“Conexxus and its members are global leaders in embracing accelerated change in the convenience and fuel retailing industry. For Conexxus, how do we take a moment, put our current infrastructures aside, and envisage a bold new future of people in motion, and energizing and servicing the vehicles that move them?” said Gray Taylor, executive director, Conexxus.

Conexxus offered thanks to Don Frieden for co-sponsoring Disruption Day and sharing P97’s vision and leadership in the Automotive Marketplace. Additionally, thanks to Riven Zhang and Eric Paquet of Motion Pay for sharing insights into China’s world leadership in social, financial, technological and cultural disruption.