Ontario to Ban Vaping Ads at C-Stores

Canadian province will ban the promotion of vaping products amid health concerns.

October 28, 2019

ONTARIO—Last week, the Canadian province of Ontario announced that effective Jan. 1 it will be “banning the promotion of vapor products in convenience stores and gas stations.” Vaping ads will only be allowed in specialty vape and cannabis retail stores, where customers must be at least 19 years old to enter.

“Restricting the promotion of vapor products in retail stores will help prevent youth from being exposed and influenced by promotion in retail settings,” said Health Minister Christine Elliott in a release. According to Toronto City News, Elliott ordered all public hospitals back in September to report vaping-related cases of severe pulmonary disease.

Pressure is growing around the world for governments to take stronger measures against vaping. In the U.S., the House Ways and Means Committee Wednesday approved H.R. 4742, a bill that seeks to tax e-cigarettes and other vaping products like traditional cigarettes. The measure now advances to the full House for consideration.