Getting the Most From Mobile Payment Technology

Having the proper terminals to accept mobile payments is only the first step to running a successful mobile pay program.

October 24, 2019

Phillips-66-Logo_Web_200x200.jpgThis article is brought to you by Phillips 66.

HOUSTON—Today’s digital landscape is always shifting, which means retailers must keep up with the changes in order to meet consumer expectations. “Mobile technology progresses very quickly, so retailers need to not only adopt but also continuously stay up to speed,” said Jim Macari, director of emerging payments and loyalty for Phillips 66.

Even retailers that keep up with technology updates sometimes forget the human component. “There’s more to accepting mobile payments than installing the technology necessary to process the transactions,” Macari pointed out. Store employees must understand the benefits of the solution and how it works. For this reason, Phillips 66 has developed a robust training guide designed to help retailers train their associates for convenience store mobile payment success.

“We highly recommend store employees use the mobile payment apps themselves so they can understand the entire consumer experience,” Macari said. By using the app personally, store employees are in a better position to answer user questions and to provide personal testimony about its usage.

Another critical piece of the mobile payment puzzle is getting the word out to consumers about the app availability and the benefits of using it. “Something as simple as having cashiers ask consumers, ‘Are you paying with the mobile pay app today?’ can alert consumers to the presence of your app,” Macari said. “Also, ensuring you have signage throughout the store and at the pump highlighting your gas station mobile payment acceptance is key to inviting consumers to use the service.” Other ideas include offering store employee incentives to promote the app and utilizing social media to spread awareness of the app and its features.

“Making the decision to add mobile payment to your store doesn’t end with the technology installation,” Macari said. “Retailers must also develop a robust, full-service plan in order to ensure consumer adoption, usage and continued engagement.”

This is the second installment of a two-part series about how retailers can capitalize on the benefits of mobile payments. Look for more on this topic in the Oct. 22 edition of NACS Daily, and read more about Phillips 66 and mobile payments in “Great Expectations,” from the August 2019 NACS Magazine.