New Dallas C-Store Focuses on Organic, Non-GMO

Feed Me Pronto aims to "overhaul the convenience industry."

October 22, 2019

DALLAS—A new grab ‘n go store in Dallas’ Victory Park neighborhood called Feed Me Pronto features ingredients that are organic and non-GMO. The 31-year-old mom and CEO, Morgan Pieper, said that the c-store has a new identity that differentiates it from most competitors in the industry, reports the Dallas News.

"I want to overhaul the convenience industry," said Pieper, who spent more than two years working on the concept and opening, designing a creative, new c-store environment targeting consumers desiring new, healthy and quick options.

At 1,200-square-feet, the new store will sell 600 pre-packaged, single-serving products. There are still the staples like chips, popcorn and jerky, but Pieper is also switching out big-name brand products that include artificial additives for smaller companies that provide healthier, more eco-friendly food.

Inside, there are a variety of different options for customers. There is a self-serve acai machine and a vegan frozen yogurt station. A beverage machine offers Maine Root sodas, Holy Kombucha and Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee. Customers can buy chickpea-crusted chicken tenders, CBD gummies and frozen cauliflower pizzas. There’s still a focus on convenience, but there’s also a slogan of “don’t slow down for food” that Pieper is bringing to the store.

For customers coming from the many high-rises or the American Airlines Center nearby, they may see higher prices than a typical convenience store. However, Pieper said that the store is “not trying to be a high-end bodega.”