Starlight Program Aims to Protect Police, Retailers

Dallas police test monitoring system at three c-stores.

November 07, 2019

DALLASThe Dallas Police Department, Safer Dallas and Motorola Solutions have launched the Starlight Program, a six-month pilot designed to simplify collaboration between police and local businesses, while better protecting both, according to the local CBS news station.

Two 7-Eleven stores and a Texaco station have been outfitted with Avugukib cameras, plus blue lights and signs to let shoppers know the system is in use. The outlets will be connected directly to the Dallas Police Department’s Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) using Motorola Solutions CommandCentral Aware software. Officers will be able to actively monitor the businesses to gain insights, resolve incidents faster and return officers to the street in a timely manner. The Starlight Program is open to businesses throughout the city.

“This is an exciting time for the Dallas Police Department and our partners, Safer Dallas and Motorola Solutions,” said Reneé Hall, Dallas chief of police. “The technology fosters faster decision-making with real-time situational awareness. The ultimate goal is to protect the public while making first responders more effective by providing much-needed information before they even arrive on the scene.”

“Safer Dallas Better Dallas is pleased that Motorola Solutions contacted us last year about providing the latest state of the art technology to help make Dallas communities safer,” said Gary Griffith, chairman of Safer Dallas. “We believe the success of this pilot program will open the door to a citywide initiative next year.” 

Safe Dallas raises money from local foundations, businesses and citizens to support the Dallas Police Department.