7-Eleven Adopts CBD Dispensing Robots

Seven Colorado stores get new technology.

November 07, 2019

IRVING, Texas—As of this week, 7-Eleven shoppers at seven select Colorado stores can purchase CBD products from robot dispensers, reports Forbes. The high-tech vending machines are produced by Greenbox Robotics, a Southern California industrial automation company.

The pilot program kicked off with the rollout of the first CBD-dispensing robot at a 7-Eleven store in Boulder. Kenny Monfort of the Monfort Companies, which owns and operates the Boulder store, said, “Monfort is always on the lookout for innovative technology that will optimize our portfolio of businesses.” Keeping high-priced CBD items inside the machine will reduce shrinkage, he added.

In addition to providing the technology, Greenbox will select the CBD products going into the dispenser. 7-Eleven now joins the list of big retailers offering CBD products, such as CVS, Walgreens, Urban Outfitters and more, but 7-Eleven is the first to offer an automated service with a curated selection. Greenbox plans to feature up-and-coming CBD brands that might not otherwise hit the shelves at retailers of such size.

As for who can access these age-restricted products, Greenbox robots use a sophisticated age and ID verification system to ensure that consumers can legally buy the products.