Top of the Line Fuel Does Matter

This week’s Convenience Matters podcast dives into the history of Top Tier Gas and why consumers should care.

November 06, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—On this week’s episode of Convenience Matters, “Educating Consumers to Care About Fuel Quality,” NACS hosts John Eichberger, executive director for the Fuels Institute, and Donovan Woods, director of operations for the Fuels Institute, discuss the ins and out of gasoline with Jo Lynne Parsons, program manager of Center for Quality Assurance, and Rebecca Monroe, fuel trademark and infrastructure lead for General Motors.

Top Tier Gas is a performance standard developed, created and supported by 11 OEMs companies who are now part of the program. It’s a standard that is higher than the one required by regulation, and these vehicle manufacturers have developed the performance necessary to keep their engines clean based on detergent additives and minimize or eliminate deposits on injectors,” said Parsons.

“In 1997, the EPA released a standard for the lowest concentration of additive required for gasoline, and what happened was that detergent levels dropped really low, and in some engines, that detergency acted like liquid soap on your hands—in that a little bit attracts more dirt and a lot washes it away,” Parsons said.

Why should a consumer care about Top Tier fuel? “Your car is the second highest-investment that you’ll make. You keep your engines cleaner—it’s worth that extra investment [at the pump] to take care of your vehicle over the long haul,” Monroe said. “We find that consumers have questions about gasoline, and they come to Top Tier Gas for answers.”

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