Puma Energy Expands in the Americas

The international company has a new Super7 store format that focuses on foodservice. 

November 27, 2019

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala—Puma Energy has a lot on its plate lately. From expanding its footprint in the Americas to testing new concepts, the international company has been busy, Global Convenience Store Focus reports. “I am very busy but very happy at the same time—it’s challenging,” said Rodrigo Zavala, CEO for the Americas.

Super7, Puma Energy’s new format, was designed by Bona Design Lab in three variations. The concept launched in Guatemala recently. “Basically, what we did was take their current global design standard and make it a bit more friendly, approachable and more importantly, adaptable across a global footprint that has grown through acquisition resulting with quite a diverse portfolio of building footprints,” said Joe Bona, president of Bona Design Lab.

Super7’s “meal break” has the largest square footage and a strong foodservice focus, while “extended coffee” is in the middle size-wise with an emphasis on beverages and grocery items. “Ready to go” has the least amount of space for its beverages and snacks.

The Guatemala stores took the middle ground with the extended coffee concept that has some seats and barista coffee with some food offerings on the side. Each of the new concepts enhances the core pillars of Puma Energy. “We want to transmit that we are part of ‘your’ community and that we are convenient and make life easier for our customers,” said Zavala. “Super7 is the link between the neighborhood and the store for different customers.”

Puma Energy has plans to redesign its current Guatemala and Honduras locations over the next three years, with an additional expansion of franchised convenience stores in Latin and Central America. In Latin America, Puma Energy will open 500 stores, while Central America will get between 300 and 350 locations. The company now has 18 Super7 stores, which it will bump up to 50 soon.