Meijer Offers 50% Off Almost-Expired Groceries

Customers can buy discounted products to help prevent food waste.

November 25, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—In a previous NACS Daily story, we shared how the U.S. Government Accountability Office reports that much food waste comes from consumers’ misinterpretation of product date labels. The various forms of “best by” dates (or simply date labels) often cause consumers to bypass any product with a short “sell by” date, leaving them to be junked at the store or tossed prematurely at home, when the products are still good.

To fight this food waste problem, midwestern supermarket chain Meijer is debuting something new. Partnering with  Canadian app startup Flashfood, Meijer will now offer 50% off almost-expired products that include produce, meat, seafood, deli and bakery items, reports Thrillist.

Flashfood already works with numerous retailers on a similar platform. Customers can order their discounted food and pay through the app, then pick up the food at the store.

Meijer is testing the program in the Detroit area. Depending on the trial period, the Flashfood app may hit as many as 245 supercenters in the Midwest.

"Reducing food waste is an important goal at Meijer," said Director of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Erik Petrovoskis. "There are creative solutions throughout a food’s life cycle that can reduce landfill use and production of greenhouse gases, and I’m pleased we’re looking at another in-store option that benefits our customers."