Kwik Trip Debuts Glazer Bean Beer

The chain partnered with Karben4 Brewing to create a chocolate coffee stout.

November 15, 2019

MADISON, Wis.—Kwik Trip has its own beer—Glazer Bean, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports. The chain teamed up with Karben4 Brewing to concoct its first private-label brew.

The convenience store didn’t want to simply slap a Kwik Trip label on an existing beer but instead decided to create an entirely new brew. Glazer Bean mixes Kwik Trip’s coffee into the brew, which also includes liquor cacao and lactose.

Brewmaster Ryan Koga with Karben4 Brewing toured Kwik Trip’s production building to gain inspiration for the beers. Kwik Trip will eventually have a series of beers that “reflect the convenience store but also stay true to the brewery's style of balanced beers,” the Green Bay Press-Gazette wrote.

While Kwik Trip advertises the beer alongside glazed doughnuts, no donuts are in the brew. “It's not a dessert beer or a pastry stout,” Koga said. Karben4 steeps the cold brew coffee in the beer for a couple of days before dumping it into the bright tank.

Kwik Trip initially ordered 1,700 cases of the beer, but the “awesome” response from customers will likely mean additional production. The chain originally planned to offer Glazer Bean in its Wisconsin locations, but stores in Minnesota and Iowa wanted in on the action. As a result, Karben4 started sending Glazer Bean to Minnesota Kwik Trips last week.