Mobile Coupons Drive Customer Loyalty

Sixty-seven percent of consumers are likely to shop with a retailer that offers mobile coupons.

May 28, 2019

BOSTON—A new BRP report, “The Mobilization of Retail,” examines how the “proliferation and convenience of mobile devices has completely changed shopping behaviors and elevated customer expectations,” Retail Dive reports.

Among the report’s findings is that 41% of consumers plan to increase their phone or tablet shopping frequency during the next two years. And more than two-thirds (67%) of respondents said they’re more likely to shop with a retailer that has mobile coupons available.

“A retailer’s mobile capabilities can be a major driver for where a consumer chooses to shop,” Marty Whitmore, senior vice president and practice lead at BRP, said. “With 67% of consumers choosing a store based on the availability of mobile coupons and 64% choosing a store based on product information availability via a mobile device, these are essential mobile capabilities for retailers.”

Out of the 1,298 consumers surveyed, 64% reported choosing a store based on the product information readily available via mobile devices. Favorite features include item availability, product information, customer service and access to coupons or loyalty programs.

But mobile identification and security aren’t big concerns: 39% of consumers are comfortable with mobile identification when they walk into a store to personalize their experience.

As retailers and companies vie for consumers both digitally and physically, these statistics show that building a mobile presence that pairs with a physical presence is increasingly important. This can include loyalty perks, personalized discounts or product promotions that are individualized, attractive and convincing.