Tesco Developing Cashier-free Stores

The U.K. grocery chain is working with Trigo Vision on a store run by cameras and software.

June 28, 2019

LONDON—Tesco PLC has tapped Trigo Vision Ltd. to develop a store that would allow customers to checkout without stopping by a cashier, Bloomberg reports. The U.K. grocery chain wants to get ahead of Amazon Go’s expansion in the United Kingdom via its partnership with Morrison Supermarkets.

Trigo Vision has come up with a system of software and cameras for the retail setting that would charge customers for goods automatically. The company has been working with Shufersal Ltd., Israel’s biggest supermarket chain, on a pilot of the technology.

Recently, Tesco indicated it was exploring a number of new technologies, including delivery via robots and cashierless stores, which are “one thing we’re testing, but it’s not something we’re ready to roll out yet,” according to a spokeswoman. Earlier this month, Tesco shared plans to launch upscale convenience stores based on its premium Tesco Finest food brand to compete with brands such as Marks and Spencer’s Simply Food.

Last year, Tesco allowed staff at its headquarters to test an app that let customers scan and pay for groceries via their smartphone. Other companies, including Sensei in Portugal, are scrambling to bring checkout-free technology to the retail environment.

Separately, Tesco Thailand is weighing an expansion that would add as many as 750 convenience stores to its network of 1,583 stores in Thailand, Inside Retail Asia reports. The company is reportedly considering options for other Asian markets, including South Korea and China.