Don’t Look for Meatless Meat at Arby’s

Company president vows never to serve plant-based meats.

June 24, 2019

ATLANTA—When a website for vegans announced that Arby’s was in talks with Impossible Foods to add a plant-based burger to the menu, Rob Lynch, Arby’s president, saw red, according to Fortune.

Although fast food chains like Burger King, Little Caesar and Carl’s Jr. are touting their plant-based meat offerings, Lynch wants everyone to know that Arby’s has no plans to follow suit. “It won’t happen on my watch,” he said. “The only way would be if I got fired for some reason.”

Arby’s participation in the current meatless craze would muddy the restaurant’s all-about-the-meat image, which has been fundamental to its financial upswing, Lynch explained.

“You have to stand for something,” he said. “We’ve turned this brand around by making big, high-quality, meaty, abundant sandwiches. That’s who we are.”

An Impossible Foods spokesperson declined to speak to media reports, saying only that the company is “currently focused on scaling operations to meet the growing demand for its products at the more than 7,000 restaurants where it is currently sold,” including both single-unit locations and national chains.

Arby’s sells 160 million pounds of meat every year and is an equal-opportunity animal purveyor, featured offered roast beef, brisket, turkey, ham, chicken, lamb, duck, fish, deer, elk and more on its menu.