Ohio Lawmakers Want to Ban Plastic Bans

A new bill would bar localities from taxing or banning disposable containers and plastic bags.

June 19, 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio legislators have introduced a bill in the House to halt local governments from banning or taxing plastic bags and other “auxiliary containers,” such as takeout food containers, paper cups and plastic bags, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

The bill would apply to single-use and reusable packaging for transporting merchandise, food and beverages from grocery stores, restaurants and other similar retailers. The Ohio Beverage Association, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association and NFIB Ohio all support the measure.

“When everyday products like paper cups, grocery bags, to-go containers and soft-drink bottles are taxed and regulated inconsistently within a state, it creates costly problems for manufacturers, businesses and working families,” said Rep. Don Jones, one of the bill’s sponsors. “Adopting statewide uniformity for auxiliary containers is a way to protect against over-regulation, support manufacturing jobs and uphold consumer freedom.”

In Ohio, Bexley, Cuyahoga County and Bowling Green already have plastic bag bans on the books. This spring, New York approved a ban on plastic bags that will go into effect next year. New Jersey and Hawaii both are considering some sort of ban on plastic bags, straws and other containers. Meanwhile, Oklahoma also has a bill that would prohibit localities from enacting their own ban on plastic.