Ontario Proposes Anti-Carbon Tax Stickers on Gas Pumps

The regulation would mandate that the stickers be affixed to the pumps by August 30.

June 14, 2019

TORONTO — Ontario might mandate that gas stations affix anti-carbon tax stickers to gas pumps by August 30, Clean Tech Canada reports. The government, which is accepting comments until July 9 on the proposal, said the mandatory stickers would carry a fine for stations found not in compliance.

The stickers would show that the federal carbon tax has upped the price of gasoline by 4.4 cents, and that extra amount will jump 11 cents by 2022. However, the stickers don’t address carbon tax rebates.

The regulations also specify how gas stations are to display the stickers, including having the same number of English and French language stickers. The stickers must also be placed “in a prominent location” on the pumps and easily visible to drivers.

“Our members—including gas station operators—have expressed concerns regarding the political nature of the stickers, viewing them as a violation of their rights and freedoms,” wrote the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to Energy Minister Greg Rickford. “This initiative is an example of unnecessary red tape: it is both a new administrative burden and an increased cost to business thanks to the punitive and outsized fines for non-compliance.”

The national government imposed the carbon tax on fuel sold in four provinces—Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan—because they refused to add a similar tax on their own.