Would You Let Walmart Deliver to Your Fridge?

It doesn’t get much more convenient than this.

June 10, 2019

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – According to CNN, Walmart is expanding a service that not only delivers groceries to your home but directly to your fridge.

Walmart customers can order groceries online and an employee will drive the food from a nearby store and deliver it to fridges in consumer’s kitchens or garages. The company’s grocery business comprises more than half of its annual sales.

Walmart piloted the program in New Jersey for five months and is now expanding the service to more than a million customers in Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach, Florida this fall. It’s still unclear as to how much extra consumers will have to pay for this extra-convenient service every time, but to get started they do have to purchase a special door lock.

To focus on safety and security—likely a big concern for many customers—Walmart employees will wear a camera when they enter a customer’s home. Shoppers can watch the entire delivery live from their phone. CNN says that Walmart is even sharing a biography with three fun facts about their delivery employees.

And later this year, Walmart will even allow customers to leave returns on their counter and the employee will take it back to the store for them. CNN says that Bart Stein, a Walmart executive who leads the in-home delivery service, acknowledged some customers during the pilot test were initially skeptical of the concept. But he said Walmart had been able to change opinions once customers tried it out.