Nestlé Debuts Snack Bars in Paper

The food maker is working on switching all packaging to reusable or recyclable materials by 2025.

July 05, 2019

ZURICH—Nestlé SA has launched its YES! snack bars in new paper packaging, one of first steps in the company’s commitment to changing all of its packaging to reusable or recyclable by 2025, according to Reuters.

Environmental groups like Greenpeace have criticized Nestlé for its slow progress in ditching single-use plastics in its products. The company has been considering new solutions for plastic, including recyclable and reusable packaging.

“Consumers want to make a change by making a purchasing decision,” said Alexander von Maillot, Nestlé’s head of confectionery. “This could really change packaging in confectionery in the future.”

Nestlé started selling Nesquick in paper packaging earlier this year and will produce Milo health drinks in paper-based pouches next year. The YES! wrapper is paper-coated with a water-based substance that will provide the same shelf-life as plastic and is compatible with its assembly lines. The company anticipates extending the paper packaging to other products, such as KitKat, but will need to work with suppliers on acquiring enough paper before ramping up production, according to Jas Scott de Martinville, head of Nestlé’s confectionery research center.

“It is logical that it [Nestlé] should start with the YES! product as it is one it promotes as natural, and its audience is a younger, more environmentally conscious consumer,” said Neil Saunders, managing director at GlobalData Retail.