Parker’s Offers Workers Pay-on-Demand Perk

Using the DailyPay app, employees have the option of getting paid daily, weekly or on demand.

July 05, 2019

SAVANNAH, Ga.–Parker’s recently introduced DailyPay technology, which offers employees the opportunity to get paid daily, weekly or on demand. Designed to promote financial wellness, offer flexibility and encourage employee retention, DailyPay enables Parker’s employees to get paid when they need money, without having to wait for a traditional bi-weekly or monthly payday.

“This new DailyPay technology is part of our larger vision to support our employees and to offer them another level of financial freedom,” said Jeff Bush, Parker’s president, in a press release. “People no longer are working just for pay—they work for the culture, the atmosphere and the benefits. We want to continue to build a holistic culture of support for our employees, at work and in life.”

Parker’s is the first Savannah-area company to implement DailyPay technology and one of the first in the convenience store industry to roll out the program. When a Parker’s team member clocks out at the end of a work shift, their pay is calculated, banked and visible on the DailyPay app. Employees can transfer some or all of their banked pay at any point for a nominal fee and can track their accumulated earnings during each pay period using the available balance feature.

On the next official pay day, the team member will receive any remaining pay not already transferred. The DailyPay technology can be linked to a traditional bank account, pay card or debit card.

“DailyPay gives our team members the peace of mind of knowing that if they have a flat tire or an unexpected financial expense, they can get their pay quickly and easily, without having to wait for payday,” said Christine Cherry, a store manager in Savannah. “We’re excited about this new technology and the flexibility it offers everyone who works at Parker’s.”

As reported in NACS Daily, Church’s Chicken, Checkers and Pizza Hut are testing same-day or next-day paychecks as restaurant chains strive to attract and keep kitchen staff.