Eagles and Ravens Fans Battle for the Hoagie

Wawa mascot Wally Goose acts as mediator.

July 30, 2019

WAWA, Pa.–Wally Goose, the mascot of Wawa Convenience Stores, is trying to make nice with fans of both the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

When Wawa announced a multiyear deal to become the “official hoagie” of the Ravens, some Philadelphia football fans were dismayed. Was the Philly-area c-store flagrantly cheating on the Eagles? Wawa’s mascot, Wally Goose, wrote a letter to the fans of both teams to make peace and explain the agreement.

Wally said the partnership is in celebration of Wawa’s 50th anniversary in Maryland and added that in 2015, Wawa became the “official hoagie” of the Eagles, as well.

“And while we know passion for football runs deep in both cities, trust me when I say we didn’t intend to ruffle any feathers!” the goose wrote.

“From Charm City to the City of Brotherly Love, we hope we can fly in friendly formation together in the future,” Wally told the football fans. “We’ve always believed the best way to grow our flock is with new people and partnerships that strengthen our communities. And while we’ll certainly have more announcements to honk about in the future, rest assured that it won’t be about that team down in Dallas or over in Pittsburgh!”