Coffee in a Can Features Funky Flavors and Fizz

Coconut cream, licorice, lavender and lemon flavors in coffee? Why not?

July 02, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–Canned coffee is getting more interesting as brewers add carbonation and fruit flavors to their java offerings, reports The Washington Post.

“Consumers moving away from soda still want flavored drinks that have bubbles,” said David Sprinkle, a research director for Packaged Facts. They also want drinks that are low in sugar and give them a caffeine boost.

Some of the new canned coffees don’t taste like coffee. SunUp’s green coffee is brewed with unroasted green coffee beans, which the company claims have more antioxidants than a cup of blueberries. The green coffee has as much caffeine as coffee but reportedly tastes like iced tea.

Other companies are playing with flavors. Trader Joe’s offers a canned, coconut cream cold brew, and Loco Coffee Co. has a cold brew and maple water, the byproduct of maple syrup collection. Companies that sell it tout a long list of health claims, but there hasn’t been enough research done yet to determine if it is beneficial to consumers.

Wilder versions include Vivic’s sparkling coffee with a touch of licorice or lavender or sarsaparilla, a flavor that’s akin to root beer. Rise Brewing makes a half-lemonade/half-coffee, which sounds like a caffeinated Arnold Palmer, while Upruit offers two interesting flavors: tangerine and Himalayan salt and Montmorency cherry. The latter tastes tart and bubbly, more like a cocktail than a coffee.

If these canned coffees are too weird for your first cup of the day, they may be better when served as an afternoon caffeine jolt.