Changes to Tech Will Affect Small Business

Amazon Go, G Suite and Facebook updates you should know if you are a small business.

January 29, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - When you’re a small business, everything matters. A recent Forbes article outlined five big technological updates and changes that could affect small business owners in the coming months. 
  1. Google G Suite prices increase for the first time: Google announced that users of G Suite productivity suites will see a price increase. G Suite Basic will go up from $5 per user per month to $6 per user and G Suite Business will go up from $10 to $12. G Suite is a competitor of Microsoft Office 365—a service available for $12.50 per month. If your business uses a cloud-based system, consider looking into your options and evaluate the best platform for you.
  2. Amazon Go is encouraging a cashier-less model: As Amazon Go expands and picks up traction, many other startups and companies are taking notes and starting to incorporate or consider cashier-less options. It’s already taking shape at Walmart and 7-Eleven as a way to streamline the shopping experience. Forbes says that “as cashier-less stores grow in number, more consumers will be expecting this kind of experience.”
  3. Restaurants are using technology to aid labor shortage: In 2017, 72% of workers left their foodservice and restaurant industry jobs. And since minimum wage is increasing in 20 states, it’s putting pressure on businesses. To ease staffing pressures, businesses are using technology to take customers’ orders, and enhancing how they use employee and customer data.
  4. Hackers are still attacking small businesses: 61% of small- and medium-sized businesses experienced a cyberattack in 2017. Cybersecurity may seem like a buzzword, but it’s a very real reality that your business should take into account. Make sure you have precautions and procedures in place to prevent something from going wrong.
  5. Facebook has a lot of fake accounts, and that’s hurting its credibility: Facebook is blocking 1 million fake accounts every day and is struggling to properly manage the platform in the midst of hackers and misinformation. This means Facebook is losing a bit of credibility, which is a problem for businesses using it to find and engage with customers. The Forbes article says to stick with it as they “get their act together.”