Convenience Stores Support Furloughed Government Workers

Federal employees receive free fuel and pay-later supplies.

January 28, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Eddie Osman of Oakland County, Michigan, believes in helping his community in whatever way he can. Recently, the Marathon gas station owner distributed $4,000 in free gas cards to 100 federal workers impacted by the recent government shutdown, reports the Oakland Press.

Osman, who has owned the station for 25 years, said a $40 gas card, at today's gas prices, pays for about 20 gallons of gas, which is about a week’s supply of fuel for many consumers.

"We live in a country where we need to unite whenever something wrong happens," said Osman. "I wanted to help the people that go to work every day to keep us safe, but that aren't getting paid and are doing their job no matter what. I wanted to show how much I appreciate what they are doing. This is the least we can do for these people."

In Miami, Michael Mendez, owner of four Mendez Fuel outlets, gave out free gasoline on Jan. 16 to furloughed TSA, customs, border patrol and coast guard personnel when they showed their government ID.

“I’ve been watching the news and seeing how all the federal employees are struggling just to make ends meet but still having to report to work,” said Mendez. “I wanted to help out a little bit and put some gas in their tank.”

Mendez went on to say that he believes it is important to show appreciation for government workers. “You know, every day they’re doing thankless jobs for the most part, and we take it for granted.”

In New York, the JFK Travel Plaza, part of a national consortium of travel plazas at airports, announced a Federal Worker Relief Program to help the federal workers who are struggling without a paycheck but working anyway.

The travel plaza’s 7-Eleven at JFK Airport will extend house accounts to federal workers, letting them make purchases with the promise of payment later. Under the terms of the program, federal workers can show their government-issued ID and sign the receipt. When the workers are paid, they can settle their outstanding balance.