Learning Beyond the Training Room

The NACS Leadership for Success program helps convenience store managers and supervisors implement personal action plans for proven results.
February 06, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Convenience store managers often juggle many tasks and responsibilities throughout their day, which can make a weeklong training program seem impossible. However, the NACS Leadership for Success program isn’t an average training initiative—it’s a hands-on, real-world experience that brings together 20 industry peers to learn tangible tools to create a more positive, engaged environment within their stores and companies.

This year’s Leadership for Success will be held April 28 to May 3 in Millwood, Va., and is limited to only 20 attendees. What sets this program apart from other leadership training is the six-month project attendees work on after completing the on-site course work.

“This six-month project provides an opportunity for attendees to truly implement an action plan, see results and report out to peers with presentations at the NACS Show,” said Jenna Collard, NACS director of education engagement. “Leadership for Success attendees understand how important it is to implement what they learn during the program by completing this project, which gives them real-world experience with measurable results.”

Those who benefit from attending Leadership for Success are district managers, supervisors and other convenience store retailers who want to improve their leadership and operational performance. Participants hone skills they can use immediately upon their return from the program. Those insights include:

  • A better understanding of how one’s actions can impact personal effectiveness
  • How to more effectively work with others and how others may perceive them
  • Defining a vision of their ideal leader-self
  • Mastering tools to improve leadership effectiveness and build meaningful relationships
  • Charting a course of action to apply what they learn and become the leader they want to be.
The NACS Leadership for Success program is graciously endowed by The Hershey Co. For information on the program or to register, visit Leadership for Success.