Staff-Free Convenience Stores Are Here

Moby Mart releases first off-the-grid, standalone, staff-free retail pod that can be powered by solar panels.
February 05, 2019

SHANGHAI – In 2017, Moby Mart released its first self-driving 24-hour mobile convenience store called the Moby Alpha pod. Customers used an app to unlock the door, pick items off the shelf, scan them and check out—charging the customer’s saved credit card. The newest developments? News Atlas reported that the company just released its first off-the-grid, standalone, staff-free retail pod called the Moby Psi OTG.

Customers who are members can access the new pod similarly to Moby’s first store. With an app, they can unlock the pod and are then greeted by an AI virtual assistant. A smart shelves system makes note of everything that is removed by customer, so inventory can automatically be reordered as needed.

Measuring 15 x 7.2 x 8.2 feet, the steel-framed structure has cameras and sensors to keep watch on what happens when someone is inside. The test stores have recorded less than 0.1% theft, but if something goes awry, an operator’s voice will come over the built-in Sonos speakers.

If you’re a Psi pod operator, you can get one for $25,000. How will you power it? Power needs can be met by equipping the Psi with solar panels and batteries. It can go off-grid, making it accessible wherever and whenever a customer needs it—especially on long stretches of road without many stopping options.

If you want to learn more about Moby Mart’s technology, watch our Ideas 2 Grow video.