THC Vapers Ignore Health Risks

Lung illnesses haven’t changed their attitudes toward vaping.

December 19, 2019

PALM BEACH, Fla.—Despite extensive coverage of the vape crisis, consumer use of certain vape products continues, according to a report from the Brightfield Group, a cannabis and CBD market research firm. The company surveyed U.S. THC vape consumers about their thoughts on the crisis and whether it has changed their behaviors and feelings toward THC vaping.

Among respondents, 67% think the health issues were caused by overuse or misuse of vapes; 65% believe the danger is with illicit market marijuana vapes, and most blamed illicit/unregulated products. Only 9% suspect that the danger is marijuana vapes from legal markets.

In addition, 91% said they continue to feel that marijuana is safe to vape. Most U.S. vape users have not changed their usage of marijuana vapes after hearing the news; however, 20% have decreased usage. Among that group, 67% have started using or increased use of marijuana flower; 54% have started or increased use of edibles and 36% have started using or increased their use of other marijuana concentrates.

Regarding perception of news media reports, 44% of those surveyed believe the news reports they have seen, nearly 2 in 5 are unsure and a further fifth of consumers refuse to believe the reports or think the news is overblown.