The Case for Sustainability

This week’s Convenience Matters podcast dives into what retailers need to know about this hot button issue.

December 18, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—On this week’s episode of Convenience Matters, “Sustainability Strategy for People, Planet, Prosperity and Convenience,” NACS Carolyn Schnare, director of strategic initiatives, and Chris Blasinsky, content communications strategist, discuss recycling, EVs, CSR and packaging with Scot Case, owner of Responsible Sourcing Solutions.

For the convenience sector, there are three areas to consider for sustainability: people, planet and prosperity. “For the people component, think about how you treat your employees and your customers,” Case said. “The planet component is the environmental impact of your activities, and the prosperity component centers around the profits for the business owner and the prosperity for the local communities where the convenience stores operate.”

Case suggests that retailers focus more on being strategic rather than reactive when it comes to sustainability practices. “The strategic approach is do something that’s good for your business, that’s good for the community, that’s going to make money and that has a green halo or sustainability halo connected with it.”

He also pointed out that “the smart industries get ahead of sustainability trends before they become legal imperatives … by taking proactive steps” as things unfold.

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