7-Eleven Sees Bright Future in India

Mumbai alone could handle more than 1,000 7-Eleven outlets.

December 13, 2019

MUMBAI, India—The Future Group will bring 7-Eleven stores to India, starting with saturating Mumbai with more than a 1,000 outlets, Livemint.com reports. The company, which has a master franchise agreement with 7-Eleven Inc. to operate and develop stores in India, will open its first location in March 2020.

Kishore Biyani, founder and CEO of the Future Group, said he would focus on Mumbai for the next two to three years. “There will be a cluster of [7-Eleven] stores in Mumbai. Only in Mumbai we can set up over 1,000 stores,” he said. “Bangkok only has around 7,000 of 7-Eleven stores. Mumbai can have lots of them. It’s not a big deal.”

Currently, 7-Eleven has more than 67,000 locations across the globe. “We are working out on the food and distribution network. We will keep a lot of ready-to-eat Indian meals like dal-chawal, khichdi, poha, idli, etc. but it's going to be fast eating. What 7-Eleven will bring in is technology and how to keep it fresh. … There are going to be lot of in-house cooking as well,” Biyani said.

The Future Group is one of India’s largest retailers, operating 1,440 stores in more than 400 localities under such chains as Central, Big Bazaar, Nilgiri’s, Fashion at Big Bazaar and Easy Day. For modern c-stores, India has only a few local companies operating in that space, which include Twenty Four Seven, J-Mart and In & Out.