The Ins and Outs of CBD

This week’s Convenience Matters podcast takes a closer look at what’s going on with hemp, THC and CBD. 

December 11, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—On this week’s episode of Convenience Matters, “The ABCs of CBD,” NACS hosts Stephanie Sikorski, vice president of marketing, and Erin Pressley, vice president of education and media, dive deep into what’s going on with CBD with Colleen Lanier, executive director of the Hemp Industry Association.

Part of the confusion lies in the difference between hemp, CBD and THC. “CBD is a constituent of hemp,” Lanier said. “THC […] is a cannaboid known to have a psychosomatic or euphoric affect. […] The hemp plant doesn’t have very much THC, so it isn’t a plant that will give a user a euphoric experience. […] Hemp is higher in CBD, and marijuana is higher in THC.”

Because many don’t understand the relationships between CBD, hemp, THC and marijuana, educating consumers and retailers alike about the differences and products available is important. “In terms of choosing a hemp product for your store, you’ve got to know if the product [has] a full spectrum or whole plant product (which would include THC traces) or a broad spectrum (which does not include any detectable THC). Or [does] the product have isolated CBD?” Lanier said.

Consumers have been embracing CBD products, and more retailers are stocking them at their own risk—the products are not approved by the FDA, and the agency recently stated that it cannot conclude that CBD is “generally recognized as safe.”

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