Amazon Adds Condiments to Private-Label Lineup

Retail giant also announces standard one-day shipping for Prime members.

April 29, 2019

SEATTLE – Amazon has more than 130 private-label brands and more than 400 Amazon-exclusive brands. These are Happy Belly milks and cheeses, as well as Solimo energy drinks and coconut milks. Now, the retailer has launched a few mustard varieties, oil and vinegar products and salsas, says Grocery Dive.

Amazon’s growth in the private-label food space is happening at a significant rate as it responds to a increased consumer demand. As it expands its grocery category, it could include more and more everyday items—a move that c-stores should pay attention to.

Amazon also announced that one-day shipping will become the standard for all Prime members—instead of two-day delivery, CNBC reports. It will spend $800 million to improve warehouses and delivery infrastructures to make it happen. Consumers have bigger expectations focused on convenience, price, speed and quality – and Amazon is delivering on these fronts.

For its private-label condiment offerings, Amazon has launched four salsa products under the Solimo brand at $2.99 apiece, including Solimo Traditional Medium Salsa, Solimo Traditional Hot Salsa, Solimo Traditional Mild Salsa and Solimo Hot Chunky Salsa. Four oils and vinegar products have launched under Amazon’s Happy Belly brand: Happy Belly Vegetable Oil, Happy Belly Canola Oil, Happy Belly White Distilled Vinegar and Happy Belly Red Wine Vinegar.

Finally, Amazon also has launched three mustard products that range between $2-$3 under its Happy Belly brand: Happy Belly Spicy Brown Mustard, Happy Belly Yellow Mustard and Happy Belly Dijon Mustard.

Releasing these private-label products give Amazon more control over the supply chain and can drive higher profit margins. It also has a hefty advantage when it comes to data on which products perform best.