California Delays Soda Tax Vote to 2020

The bill’s sponsor didn’t have enough support to continue with the measure but plans to try again next year.

April 24, 2019

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California lawmakers will wait until 2020 to vote on a soda tax or soda-size limit, the Associated Press/US News & World Reports. Assemblyman Richard Bloom withdrew his soft drink tax bill amid lack of support but plans to reintroduce it next year. Assemblyman David Chiu also recently tabled his proposal to restrict soda sales to 16-ounce cups in both restaurants and convenience stores.

Waiting until next year “gives us the time to build the support we need to get to a floor vote,” Bloom said.

In 2018, California prohibited localities until the year 2030 from enacting their own tax on soda, a move strongly supported by the American Beverage Association. The group was pleased with the delay in the state soda tax vote.

“We are glad the legislature delayed action because California's voters oppose a beverage tax which would be an unfair burden on working families, neighborhood businesses and employees already struggling with the state's high cost of living,” said spokesman Steven Maviglio.

The California legislature could still vote on proposals that would mandate sugary drinks carry warning labels and prohibit discount coupons for soda.