Water Bottlers Aim to Reduce Plastic Use

Nestlé is developing an out-of-home dispensing system, while Evian will start selling an in-home water appliance.

April 17, 2019

VEVEY, Switzerland – Two of the top water companies have turned their eyes on reducing plastic bottle waste, as environmental activists put pressure on bottlers to come up with plastic alternatives, Bloomberg reports.

Danone’s Evian will soon begin selling a water appliance designed for in-home use that would lower plastic usage, while Nestlé SA is designing an out-of-home dispensing system for refillable bottles. The Evian system will have exchangeable 5-liter “bubbles” of water, which have 66% less plastic than a 1.5-liter Evian bottle. Evian will start a test with 200 Paris and London customers in the fall.

“Based on the conversations we’ve had with consumers, it’s important to those who want to have natural mineral water at home to have a solution that’s both more sustainable and more convenient,” said Patricia Oliva, head of Evian marketing.

The dispensing system from Nestlé Waters would give consumers access to filtered, customized water, so users could add carbonation or flavors. Nestlé declined to provide further information. Nestlé has already committed to dropping plastic straws from its products.

Worldwide, governments are looking at ways to curb plastic usage, with bans on drinking straws and plastic single-use bags. The United Kingdom has banned plastic straws and one-time use items. In March, the European Parliament passed a ban on single-use plastic consumer items starting in 2021.