Amazon Go to Accept Cash

The change comes as the retail giant addresses potential barriers at its cashless convenience stores.

April 12, 2019

SEATTLE –Amazon will add other payment mechanisms, including the ability to accept cash, to its Go locations, CNBC reports. In March, Steve Kessel, senior vice president of physical stores for Amazon, informed workers that the addition of alternative payment methods, including cash, is a move to address “discrimination and elitism” at Go stores.

Kessel pointed to the additional payment options Amazon has put in place online, such as a test program that lets users pay with SNAP benefits and Amazon Cash, which allows users to upload money to their digital accounts at local stores like 7-Eleven.  “We’re in earlier days, but it’s an important focus for us and we’ll continue to extend those methods with our stores,” Kessel said.

Amazon hasn’t revealed a timeline for implementing those changes. An Amazon spokesperson said customers will “check out, pay with cash, and then get your change. … We are working to accept cash at Amazon Go.”

The move comes as more states and cities mandate retail outlets must accept cash as payment. This year, New Jersey and Philadelphia prohibited cashless stores. Massachusetts has had a law on the books for years that requires retailers to allow customers to pay with cash. A New York City councilman introduced a similar bill last year, while San Francisco also is considering a cashless ban.