Delivery, Convenience-style

This week’s Convenience Matters podcast focuses on the changing landscape of delivery.

September 19, 2018

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – On this week’s episode of Convenience Matters, “Redefining the Convenience of Delivery,” NACS hosts Donovan Woods, director of operations for the Fuels Institute, and Stephanie Sikorski, vice president of marketing, talk about how UPS is rethinking delivery with Tom Madrecki, director of urban innovation and mobility for UPS.

As a 100-plus-year-old trucking company, UPS has had to evolve with the times. “The reason UPS has been successful is because it’s an engineering company and technology company that’s pushing the bounds of what’s possible,” Madrecki said. UPS answers the questions: How do you drive efficiency? and How do you deliver the services customers want? in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. “Historically, UPS has been a B2B company. Now it’s primarily a B2C company,” he explained. “We’re looking at the most efficient way to do business, while cities are looking at to restrict how the curb functions [and decrease traffic congestion].”

Some of the innovations UPS is considering harken back to the company’s roots as a bicycle delivery company. UPS currently is testing last-mile delivery by electronic tricycle in a couple of dozen European cities, plus Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “By 2050, nearly 70 percent [of humans] will live in cities … we’re going from a car-centric, sprawled delivery system to a distribution network system.”

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