Starbucks Brews a Plan for Greener Stores

Coffee shop leader plans to have 10,000 environmentally friendly stores by 2025.

September 17, 2018

SEATTLE – By 2025, Starbucks, the java giant, plans to have 10,000 environmentally friendly stores around the world. The chain is working with SCS Global Services, the World Wildlife Fund and other organizations to develop a framework for those locations, USA Today reports.

Starbucks expects to save $50 million in utility costs over the next decade as its plan evolves. Already, the company claims to save $30 million annually in operating costs, thanks to green store practices.

In addition to investing in solar and wind power to match 100% of the energy used by its stores, Starbucks plans to develop technology and practices that use 25% less power and 30% less water, according to the program. Other goals are reduced waste, sustainably sourced products and materials and increased community engagement in sustainable issues.

Recently, Starbucks said the company would eliminate plastic straws at its 28,000 outlets worldwide by 2020.