7-Eleven Partners With Red Cross

As an American Red Cross National Disaster Responder member, the retailer invites customers to donate to the Red Cross to support Hurricane Florence relief.

September 14, 2018

IRVING, Texas – In its first activation since joining the American Red Cross Disaster Responder program, 7-Eleven Inc. is raising money to support the relief agency’s efforts as Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolina coast.

The convenience retailer is inviting customers to add $1 to their purchase at participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide or donate online. Through its 7-Eleven Cares Foundation, 7-Eleven joined the American Red Cross Disaster Responder program earlier this year. Members of the program include leading corporations that donate a minimum of $250,000 annually to provide the highest level of support to American Red Cross preparedness and relief efforts. Year-round support from 7-Eleven helps ensure the Red Cross can act immediately when disasters occur.

“7-Eleven is a 24/7 business, and the customers and neighborhoods we serve count on us to be open and stocked with the products they need most,” said Chris Tanco, executive vice president and COO of 7-Eleven Inc. “That is especially true when disaster strikes. 7-Eleven’s stores in the Carolinas and Virginia will strive to be the last to close and first to open to assist people in impacted areas. Likewise, the world looks to the American Red Cross to respond and provide help to people impacted by disasters as quickly as possible. We understand preparedness, and contributions such as ours are critical to their success.”

The National Weather Service is calling Hurricane Florence “the storm of a lifetime.” In preparation, 7-Eleven stores in and near the hurricane evacuation areas brought in extra truckloads of supplies to help residents. In response to expected power and water outages, 7-Eleven also will pass out truckloads of supplies including bottled water and ice to potentially affected residents.

In addition, more than 100 7-Eleven corporate volunteers are headed to Virginia and the Carolinas to assist local store employees as well as help get stores back up and running as soon as possible. Dozens of generators have been shipped to stores in case of power outages, and truckloads of water, ice and other necessities are staged and ready for delivery after dangerous conditions subside. When natural disasters strike, 7-Eleven has a last out-first in philosophy as long as conditions are safe for employees and stores.

The NACS Red Cross Store Donation Kit for Independent Operators and Small Chains provides materials for display for donation collection in your store(s). This pre-assembled kit is designed for chains and owners with fewer than 10 stores, including independent operators. Retailers are limited to five kits per order. The kit (shipping included) is free for retailers and available for order. Contact Carolyn Schnare, NACS director of strategic initiatives, with further questions or to be connected directly with the American Red Cross. Learn more at www.convenience.org/redcross.