New Choice Market Will Feature Autonomous Checkout

Choice’s third location will offer fuel, electric vehicle supercharging, bike share, electric scooter share, solar collection and autonomous checkout.
October 12, 2018

DENVER – Choice Market has announced plans for its third location on the site of a former restaurant. The new format, which will open during the second half of 2019, will include a 2,700-square-foot Choice Market as well as fuel pumps, electric vehicle supercharging, bike share terminal, electric scooter charging stations and solar collection on the canopy. Customers will have the option to skip the checkout process, order and pay ahead via the Choice Mobile App, or check out as they normally would at any other store.

“There's nothing more valuable than our customers’ time, and we are really excited to offer this new format which allows them to combine several different shopping occasions in one stop, while providing them the option to skip the checkout process altogether,” said Mike Fogarty, founder and CEO of Choice Market, in a press release. “If customers cannot make it to the store, we will deliver any of our products to their doorstep within 45 minutes. That is true convenience.”

To enable the autonomous checkout, Choice has partnered with Ava Retail, which uses artificial intelligence, computer vision and Internet of things to track customer’s purchases within the store.

Choice currently has one location open in downtown Denver and a second store under construction and scheduled to open during the second quarter of 2019 in south Denver.