Demand for Salty Snacks Predicted to Grow

Despite widespread interest in ‘healthy’ snacks, the U.S. salty snacks category is expected to grow 3.4% annually until 2022.

October 01, 2018

CLEVELAND, Ohio – U.S. demand for salty snacks is expected to rise 3.4% each year from now until 2022, according to Salty Snacks: United States, a report from The Freedonia Group, a division of

Even though consumers talk about the importance of high protein and low carbs, they have yet to stop craving the indulgent taste of salty snacks. In response, marketers will develop more better-for-you, but flavorful salty treats to meet the demands of the growing group of health-conscious snackers.

The demand for corn chips is predicted to outperform potato chips, a factor driven by the increasing availability of innovative product offerings, as manufacturers adapt to consumer preferences, the report noted.

The sale of salty snacks also will get a boost from U.S. population growth and increasing disposable personal incomes.