Innova Points to Top Snack Trends

Health-conscious consumers want to nosh on clean-label products that can serve as “mini meals.”

November 29, 2018

ARNHEM, The Netherlands – Today’s consumers want clean-label products that are healthy, wholesome, filling and feature plenty of protein, according to Innova Market Insights, the global research company.

Concerned about making the best possible food choices, 4 in 10 U.S. and U.K. consumers have increased their consumption of "healthy foods," while 7 in 10 want to know and understand the ingredient list, the company reported. In addition, 1 in 5 in U.S. consumers are most influenced by "real" ingredients, reports Food Navigator.

Naturally, consumers still want to enjoy their snack times, which sometimes serve as “mini meals” for those on the go. But they’re seeking out “low sugar,” “no sugar” or “no added sugar” claims on packaging. Many consumers turn to products with dried fruits that act as natural sweeteners.

Savory snacks with meat, cheeses and spices are appearing on market shelves, and combinations of sweet and savory ingredients are available. Seeds and nuts remain popular savory snacks, but manufacturers are introducing new options enhanced with smoky, spicy and caramelized flavors.

Consumers have indicated that they appreciate convenient-to-carry snack packs with resealable packaging. Handy package designs make it easy to take a no-mess, mini-meal with them wherever they go.