Time to Grow Sales

New NACS report looks at how convenience stores deliver the most coveted commodity: time.

November 29, 2018

ALEXANDRIA, VA—A newly published NACS research report suggests some interesting opportunities for retailers to capture sales by focusing on how different convenience value their time.

The 12-page Time to Shop report provides consumer insights on how convenience stores deliver quick shopping experiences, examining location, the shopping experience, how consumers seek out one stop shopping speed of service and what future conveniences they might embrace.

Among the findings, the report cites opportunities for retailers to drive in-store traffic. For example, 53% of millennials shop c-stores for gas during the evening dayparts (3:00 pm to midnight), so there’s ample opportunity to capture these customers around snacking occasions or quick meal solutions with grab-and-go or fresh-prepared and customizable foodservice offers.

“Convenience stores are closely watching these trends because their most frequent customers—the ones who most prize convenience—are also the ones who are most interested in new forms of convenience,” said Jeff Lenard, NACS vice president of strategic industry initiatives. “But as the definition of convenience continues to evolve, consumers will likely continue to embrace retailers that sell them the most prized commodity today: convenience, and that continues to be sold best by convenience stores.”

Retailers may also customize the NACS press release announcing the report, along with data cited in the report or with other company-specific insights. The NACS Public Relations Toolkit  provides guidance for effectively sharing your message with local media.

Download the full report at convenience.org/timetoshop.