Innovation Satisfies Consumers’ Changing Needs

Kellogg releases products aimed at millennial and Gen Z snackers.

December 04, 2018

KEL_Logo.jpgThis article is brought to you by support from The Kellogg Company, a NACS Hunter Club member. 

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. – Snacking is replacing sit-down meals as time-crunched consumers work to manage their overscheduled lives. These frequent noshers want to satisfy their hunger with snacks that are fast, healthy, convenient and well-priced. Craving variety, exciting flavors and interesting textures, they are on a constant quest for “something different” that that can be consumed on the go.

“More than ever, occasion-based eating is dictated by the way consumers live, learn, work and play,” said Dara Schuster, director of innovation & emerging brands at Kellogg. “As a result, the line between meals and snacking has blurred significantly, and millennials and Gen Z are leading the charge—snacking more than any other generations—up to four times a day. They want portable, ready-to-eat solutions that satisfy their desire for bold new flavors, wide variety and engaging textures.”

If Gen Z consumers follow Millennials’ current eating habits, snacks will continue to serve as an alternative to conventional meal occasions, but with some significant differences.

“As the most ethnically diverse age group, Gen Zs are even more adventurous than millennials and not afraid to experiment with new foods,” she said. A study conducted by the Hartman Group found that Gen Z snacking priorities are clear. They want:

  • Portable items
  • Diverse flavors
  • Ingredient transparency
  • Easy, time-saving offerings
  • Affordable choices
  • Products geared to the time of day

“Kellogg is committed to crafting innovative products that meet today’s lifestyle needs and satisfy consumers’ cravings,” said Schuster, adding that the company is investing in innovation and development, all while keeping retailers updated on new product introductions on its Specialty Channels web page.

“We've provided online tools for retailers, such as shippers and industry insights, as well as consumer-focused promotions to help drive sales,” Schuster said.