Buc-ee’s Wins Again in the Game of Thrones

New enhancement helps keep the Texas-based retailer’s bathrooms among convenience customers’ favorite rest stops.
December 03, 2018

ND1203185.jpgHOUSTON, Texas – Buc-ee’s, the Lake Jackson, Texas-based chain of giant-sized convenience stores, has added another feature to some of its highly touted restrooms, according to a report from a Houston TV station.

The retailer has contracted with Tooshlights, a Los Angeles company, to place indicator lights above each bathroom stall that alert customers when a stall is occupied (red light) or unoccupied (green light). Each stall door’s latch is connected to the light, sending it the appropriate signal.

The Tooshlights system has been added to 40 stalls in the Katy, Texas, Buc-ee's northwest of Houston, and 39 stalls at the Temple, Texas, location. Other Buc-ee’s travel centers will receive the system in coming months. The lights are already used in some of the country's biggest airports in Los Angeles and Atlanta, as well as in some sports stadiums.

"With the Tooshlights technology, our customers can quickly navigate the busy restrooms, providing them with an even better overall experience," said Jeff Nadalo, general counsel for Buc-ee's.