The Elusive Three-Minute Charge

BMW, Porsche have attained the holy grail of electric vehicle—a super-super charger.

December 14, 2018

BAVARIA, Germany – One major consumer hang-up with electric vehicles is the amount time time it takes to charge them, but BMW and Porsche just might have found the solution, Bloomberg reports. The two car makers uncorked a charging station that can charge an electric vehicle with enough power to drive 62 miles—all in under three minutes.

That means the prototype charger has the capacity (450 kilowatts) to recharge a vehicle to 80% in 15 minutes--a threefold increase over Telsa’s Superchargers, which need about 30 minutes to reach an 80% charge.

Automakers have been scrambling to develop electric vehicles to meet heightened carbon emissions standards as well as overcome consumer reluctance at slow charging times. In addition, Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler are partnering to build a fast-charging network near Europe’s major highways.

BMW, Porsche, Siemens, Allego GmbH and Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH developed the new superpowered charging station, which opened to the public this week. BMW announced the opening and that the charges are free for existing electric vehicles.

However, the charging station has more juice than current models can absorb. To avoid overheating from the electric surge, Porsche developed a cooling system that moderates battery cells at a stable temperature. The charging cables also received cooling.