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Card Processing Program

Get the Most out of Your Hard-Earned Profits
Getting customers in the door and buying products can be a daily challenge in this industry. When it comes time to reap the benefits of your success and take customers’ payments, credit cards make the process easy and quick.

While this technology has benefitted many, transaction fees that go along with card payments can diminish the results of your hard work. Customers are paying with cards more often, especially for small purchases, which can erode your profits. In fact, card payments in convenience stores have grown from 21% of transactions in 1995 to 65.2% of transactions were from credit cards. Last year alone, it cost convenience stores $10 billion to accept cards. * That’s a lot of money that’s not going back into your business. 

A Solution that Can Put Money Back into Your Pocket
The NACS Card Processing Program (CPP) is designed to reduce card processing fees for unbranded convenience and fuel retailers. Participants in this program enjoy reduced fees as a result of processing efficiencies and combining their transactions with NACS members and others in the industry. 

How it Works
To help retailers get the lowest possible transaction cost in the industry, NACS has partnered for over ten years with a trusted, high-quality payment processing company, First Data. With no hidden fees, percentage rates or complicated statements, NACS CPP offers NACS members a flat 3.9 cent transaction fee after interchange on all card payments. For most small to mid-size retailers, this flat fee is considerably less than the rate banks will charge.

Start Seeing the Savings Right Away
For many retailers, transaction and interchange fees can be confusing. To help, NACS offers a free review of your monthly payment statements to show you an easy-to-understand comparison of your current charges vs. potential savings with NACS CPP.

When you’re ready to start the program, simply complete the merchant application and return to the NACS / First Data representative, Ms. Colleen Rathgeber. Soon after you submit your application, First Data will contact you with next steps based on your POS solution. From there, First Data will work with you on your specific timeline, provide you with all of the necessary information and you’ll be up and running on the new program in a few days.

To inquire further about the NACS Card Processing Program (CPP), please submit your contact information to the form at right and a representative will be in touch with you promptly.


* 2015 NACS State of the Industry Summit


 See What Retailers Are Saying


​“The best part about having NACS CPP is the money we save on processing fees.  We've been asked to change processors at least 8 or 10 times in the last 6 years - every other company comes in promising us they will give us better rates - and every time they try to compare their rates to ours -- not one has been able to even come close to NACS CPP!  As long as we have businesses, we'll always have NACS CPP, period.”

- Tami Caputo, Chief Operating Officer,
Joken Company dba Fills

“The NACS CPP is the best processing deal around. It has saved me THOUSANDS of dollars. Plus, it’s easy to sign on to the program and my representative has been nothing but helpful. I am a very demanding customer and they are patient and handle all my needs.”

- Claude Duvall, The Local Yokel


 Get a Free Review


If you’re not sure of your current transaction rate or if you want to see an apples-to-apples comparison of your current charges vs. potential CPP savings, contact Doug Spencer for a free review today.


 Learn More about Swipe Fees


Card processing fees are a serious challenge for many retailers. To learn more about this important issue and the legislative work NACS is doing, click here.


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