Global Issues Life Cycle

There are only few strategic issues that are unique to local markets.
(e.g. specific local regulation, regional habits and customs, extreme political situations, …)

Instead, most issues, opportunities, and challenges exist globally.
(e.g. tobacco regulation, foodservice offering, supply chain management, payment systems, …)

But each country might be in a different stage for a certain issue.
(e.g. little regulation on tobacco in China vs. ‘dark market’ in Australia, …)

In effect, an "issue lifecycle curve" exists within our global industry.
(e.g. tobacco regulation: China in an early phase, Australia in a mature phase, …)

Knowing which region is in which state on an issue, supports learning from best practice, preparing for change and advancing one’s business. It gives the information ‘where to look’ and ‘what to look out for’.

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